Cloud visit April 2012

Friends from the Cloud family visited Leila's farm during April 2012.

I have assembed a gallery of photos and a few movies taken that weekend. The photos are not in full resolution. They are mostly 1024x683 in size. If you want to have prints of any of these pictures made, email me. I suggest you create a Walgreens profile, share your login and I will upload for you. Then, you can visit the Walgreens site and specify sizes and quantities of prints. I have done this before and you can usually pick up prints at a local Walgreens within as little as an hour.

I didn't do much work editing photos or removing lackluster ones. If you discover a picture you would like retouched, I can do that. Or, if you want a picture removed, let me know.

I can also copy photos to a DVD, if you like. I only ask that you help with the cost and postage.

View the photo gallery

See the movies

The movies require a browser that can understand Flash. And, because of the dynamic Ajax/Flash combination, if you are using Internet Explorer, version 8 may be required.


Want photos??

Create a Walgreens account so I can upload photos for you here

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